Fresh, organic food and beverage options for HOTELS

Surprise and impress your hotel guests by offering more than just "the usual" throughout your hotel, from the front desk to the spa and everywhere in between.


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The Mini Bar

Guests can quench their thirst without leaving their room with 100% pure coconut water and bottled non-dairy coconut smoothies from your mini bar offerings.

Upgrade Your

Restaurant Menu

From cocktails to tropical-inspired dishes, there are hundreds of ways to incorporate coconut meat, milk, and nectar into your restaurant and room service menus.

You can even order samples before you order in bulk.

Perfect for your hotel guests and kitchen.

Offer Something New

At The Spa

Help your spa guests stay hydrated during massages, manicures, and facials with ice-cold electrolyte-packed coconut water.

Craft Unique


Whether it's cocktails at the bar or a house-made latte in your coffee shop, ingredients like coconut milk and coconut nectar add a special touch guests will remember.

Create A Brand Experience At Your hotel

Showcase your hotel's logo on custom branded packaging that elevates the guest experience.


Try before you buy a large quantaty.

Order Samples


Sustainably sourced directly from Thailand.

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Promoting Health

Growth does not mean sacrificing health and wellness: We manufacture and sell food that nourishes consumers through healthy and delicious products.

Customer Service

We are all about communication and transparency. We work with all of our customers, large or small. Our customers are our true partners and we work with them to build lasting businesses and relationships.

A Green Future

We believe that coconuts as well as other regenerative agricultural products provide unique solutions to a greener and more sustainable future. We have a long term commitment towards helping the environment and diligently invest in R&D to assure that our products and supply chains can help towards building a greener future as we continue to expand and evolve as a company.


Our entire founding team either is Thai or has grown up in Thailand. As Thais - we believe in staying true to the incredible taste, nutrition and diversity of Thai tropical fruits. This means our products are minimally processed, 100% pure and unadulterated. As we continue to grow as a company, we strive to honor the authentic taste to any project that we commit to.


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