Looking for new dinner specials? Try these 5 coconut-based healthy recipes

Dinner proves itself to be the most integral meal of the day for a good number of reasons. Physiologically, it helps maintain a balance in our body functions and energy levels. Psychologically, it’s probably the only meal in most homes where the family eats together, as opposed to fleeting breakfasts and lunches. Moreover, dinners make their way into a majority of our social lives. 

    What elevates the benefits of this meal is how healthy and wholesome you make it. We owe the rich flavors and creamy textures of many memorable dinners to the deliciousness of coconuts. The versatile ingredient works its magic in more ways than we can count, but here’s a list of dinner recipes that we stand by.



    Curried Mussels

    Bags of flavor topped off with proteins and Omega-3, this seafood dish is easy to cook and excellent to eat. Mussels are well-rounded foods that can help regulate blood pressure and promote healthy cellular function. Pair them with vitamin K-packed leeks and mineral-rich coconut milk, and you have a recipe that’s nutritious and tasty. 



    Tom Kha Gai

    Sometimes, all you need at the end of a long and tiring day is a big bowl of soup to tuck in. This recipe combines authentic Thai flavors using lemongrass, basil and ginger, known for their anti-inflammatory properties, along with fresh coconut milk (you can make your own with some coconut meat), and protein-rich chicken broth that give it a comforting taste. 



    Curry-spiced Potato Quinoa Cakes

    Whether you’re looking for an appetizer to serve at a dinner party or a no-fuss dish to whip up in minutes, this vegan recipe will come to your rescue. The dish hinges on the powerhouse of fiber and potassium – potatoes – and quinoa, the plant-based superfood that’s full of amino acids, minerals and antioxidants. You can pack some punch in it by adding red chilies and garnishing it with some refreshing coconut cream and mint leaves to balance it all out.



    Vietnamese Coconut Braised Pork

    This traditional Vietnamese dish is an instant hit for family gatherings. Pork contains all the nine essential amino acids, making it a better quality of red meat than its counterparts. The dish gets its subtle sweetness from palm sugar and depth of flavor from fish sauce. The recipe also uses coconut water, loaded with minerals, enhancing the nutritional value of this widely loved dish.


    Coconut Meat Sesame Noodles

    Light yet satiating, this coconut-based noodle recipe is a creative way to use everyday ingredients in a calorie-friendly way. Strips of coconut meat, rich in manganese and copper, turn into noodles and are flavored with fresh ginger, garlic and cilantro. This vegan recipe also includes bok choy, filled with vitamin C and K, and some coconut nectar to add natural sweetness to the dish.

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