Seva Foods Organic Coconut Jerky

It’s Plant Protein Month, which seems appropriate for such a current hot topic, with all the Impossible Burgers and Beyond Meat hitting the market. But don’t forget about the all-natural plant protein that has been enjoyed in Southeast Asia for millennia: coconut meat. With healthy medium chain triglyceride (MCT fats) and fiber, coconut meat is a perfect protein replacement with its filling properties to fuel your body and brain throughout the day.

Copra partners with like-minded companies who are also committed to offering nutrient-dense plant-based options that are 100% organic and free of preservatives. Seva Foods is a company that redefines snacking. With Copra’s coconut meat, they re-imagined the quintessential meat snack, jerky! Appealing to vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, the hand-cut strips of Copra’s young coconut meat are marinated and gently dehydrated to maintain optimal nourishment and flavor. Two flavors we’re highlighting are..

The ‘Chipotle Lime’ – marinated in a rich, smoky blend of chipotle and garlic seasonings, spiked with zesty lime

The ‘Savory’ – marinated in a blend of herbs and spices, including paprika and garlic. 

Since jerky is a close cousin to bacon, its potential uses are infinite. Check out some plant-based jerky fan favorites. Check out more delicious recipes by Seva Foods like the savory “Bacon” Vegan Quiche, “Bacon” Mac n Cheese, and Jerky Sushi Roll.



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