Coconuts make a healthy choice for Happy Hours!

From weekend brunches to dinner parties, nothing lifts spirits like a good drink. But most often than not, we find ourselves sipping on a bunch of sugary calories that we could’ve easily replaced with a healthier and tastier alternative.

That’s why we’ve scoured through a few recipes and curated a list of refreshing drinks using our favourite superfood – coconut.

Orange and Coconut Water Refresher

Using just five ingredients, you can make yourself a healthy beverage that heroes oranges. The Vitamin C powerhouse boosts your immunity and prevents skin damage, along with adding a citrusy punch to some tender coconut water. You can transform this drink into a quick and easy cocktail with some vodka.


Hibiscus Tea with Coconut Milk

Make yourself a revitalising pink drink in a couple of minutes. Hibiscus tea is naturally free of caffeine and calories. With a few slices of oranges and strawberries, and a splash of coconut milk known for its good fats, you can make yourself a delicious refreshment.


Ginger Coconut Spritzer

Slightly peppery and sweet, ginger packs a punch with its distinct flavour and aroma. Moreover, it reduces inflammation, promotes weight loss and cures nausea. Combining the health benefits of turmeric, coconut water and lemons, this ginger-based beverage flavoured with a dash of coconut nectar is sure to soothe your mood. And simple mix in some gin with a dash of soda or tonic to make it a cocktail.


Coconut Aloe Vera

Aloe vera comes with a plethora of benefits thanks to its hydrating and antibacterial properties. The real magic takes place with it joins forces with the mineral- and antioxidant-rich coconut water. The recipe also uses lime and cucumber, giving you the perfect drink to beat the heat. You can make this a sundowner classic by adding some white rum.


Peach and Coconut Mojito

A tropical delight made with lime, coconut water and fresh peaches, this mojito is one of our summer specials. Peaches are packed with Vitamins A, C and E, improve digestion and help you detoxify. Coconuts, on the other hand, are full of natural electrolytes. For a little extra kick, spike your drink with some rum or vodka and slurp away.

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Cheers to happy times and high spirits!

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