A Healthy & Hearty Start: Top 5 Breakfast Recipes Using Young Coconut

Kickstarting your metabolism for a bright new day and restoring your blood sugar levels after waking up, breakfast is undisputedly the most important meal for your body. Increasing the effectiveness of your day’s first meal is our favourite versatile ingredient – young coconut.

Be it the fibre from coconut meat, the natural sweetness of coconut nectar or the healthy fats from coconut milk, there’s plenty of goodness that you can add to your breakfast over and above lip-smacking flavour.

Here are 5 unique breakfast recipe recommendations that you can try out to fire up your day:

Coconut and Quinoa Porridge with Fresh Fruit:

This recipe swaps oats for quinoa, making it a high-fibre, antioxidant-rich and gluten-free option that can be prepared in under half an hour. It uses coconut milk, shredded coconut meat, wholesome almonds and the sweet-sour combination of berries and figs.


Coconut Pancakes:

Taking the classic breakfast pancakes a notch higher, this recipe uses simple pantry staples with coconut water and coconut meat. Treat yourself with light and fully coconut pancakes in just a few minutes and increase the nutritional content of your breakfast with fresh fruit toppings such as mangoes and raspberries that add natural sweetness.


Baked Sweet Potato Recipe with Young Coconut:

Having a nutrient-dense breakfast can set the tone for how you feel physically and emotionally throughout the day. Adding some coconut meat and milk to the vitamin powerhouse – sweet potatoes – with the freshness of cilantro and potassium-packed pomegranate may be the breakfast you need to conquer a busy day. This recipe promises to make a quick and wholesome breakfast.


Lemon Coconut Bar:

Dessert for breakfast? Why not! Especially when good carbohydrates meet the fibrous pectin from lemons. This recipe comprises a shortbread crust using shredded coconut meat and some crackers, along with a zesty lemon curd made with eggs and coconut milk. You can trade the sugar for coconut nectar and enjoy this delicious snack.


Cranberry and Coconut Granola Bar:

A nutritious mix of pecans, walnuts and almonds with sunflower seeds and coconut flakes, this granola bar recipe is an ideal grab-and-go breakfast for hasty mornings. The immunity booster, cranberries, lace the bar with sweetness. On the other hand, coconut oil steps up as a good alternative for butter to give you a meal fuelled with healthy fatty acids, that doubles up as a snack.

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